Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Rotary vane vacuum pump & compressor
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 SOLVAC Vacuum Pump (SDF Series)
◆ Application versatility
◆ High efficiency
◆ Low initial and operating cost
◆ Maintenance free operation
◆ Custom units available
Solvac's SDF Series of high flow vacuum pumps
provides a reliable and cost effective method of in-line
transfer of complex shapes and bulk materials such
as; small parts up to 3 inches in diameter, continuous
strips, and powders.
Vacuum flow rates can be infinitely controlled over
the pumps entire range by regulating the input
The pump's unique capability to create instantaneous
vacuum flow and high air velocity combined with its
straight through, smooth bore design allows material
to pass directly through the unit at high speeds
without interference or clogging. It compact design
facilitates placement close to the work area for
maximum efficiency and ease of installation.

The SVDF Series of adjustable air powered vacuum
pumps provides a combination of high vacuum flow
rate of up to 342.8 Nl/m, and vacuum levels of up to
84.4 -kPa. Because of its straight-through design, the
SVDF Series is ideal for handling porous materials and
operation in contamina-ted situations.
We have maned this unit the "Dirty One" because of its
ability to pass virtually all contaminants through its
internal structure. SVDF pumps can be used to pick
and place concrete block, or packaging materials that
are coated with fine powder, and are commonly used
in industrial air driven vacuum cleaners to remove
liquid/solid mixtures from sump areas.
SVDF pumps are field adjustable and eliminate the
need for additional regulation of air lines to remotely
vary the levels of vacuum or flow that is required

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