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 Aeroflow 3-Lobe Roots Blower (TRS SERIES)


TYPE TRS-65 TRS-100 TRS-125 TRS-150 TRS-200 TRS-250 TRS-300


MB series roots vacuum pump is a kind of volume vacuum pump, it was also called machinery pressure-increasing pump, which is one of main equipments in gas absorption. Its operating concept is the same as roots blower. Especially for the process of taking out a lot of vapor and some other reagents from chemical engineering、pharmacy and other business of lines, our company has improved the seal structure of the chamber of bearing and pump, so it reduces much phenomenon of emulsifying lubricant from the chamber of bearing and gears, and make MB series be suitable for taking out a lot of vapor and reagents when matched with water-ring vacuum pump.

 BOOSTER series features:
‧There is no oil in pump’s chamber, it avoids that oil vapor pollutes vacuum system
‧Low vibrate, less noise
‧Less machine friction so as its low driving frequency
‧Easy maintain and repair, low charge and long life
‧It can take out condensed gas.
‧There is bigger pumping speed ,in the wide scope of pressure(1~1×104 Pa)
‧Must not ONLY use it, but run with advanced pump. It’s not allowed to operate under atmospheric pressure. Only can run after that the inlet pressure of booster pump meet related requirement. Usually, they are water-ring vacuum pump、oil-ring vacuum pump and so on.
‧There have been some improvements for vapor and organic characteristics; it solves the problem of pump oil’s emulsification in the chamber of bearings.

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