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 Aeroflow 3-Lobe Roots Blower (RSS SERIES)


Aeroflow 3-Lobe Roots Blower
TYPE  RSS-40 RSS-50 RSS-65 RSS-80 RSS-100 RSS-125 RSS-150 RSS-200 RSS-250 RSS-300

 RSS and RSV series
Rss-series are standard 3-lobe roots blower from hey-wel, its structure is very compact and have higher running reliability and long life, the inlet sizes are from 1.5”to 12. Rss-series can run under the pressure of 80Kpa without cooling water, and the biggest capacity can be 160m3/min。Our company has also developed RSW water-cooling series blower for the pressure between 80Kpa and 100Kpa. So the biggest pressure of double-phrase can be 200Kpa. Rsv-series are also developed from Rss series, the biggest pressure can be -500mmHg.

RSS and RSV series features:
‧Adopt high-grade computer-control balance adjustment (G2.5), reduce the vibration and noise.
‧Machine impeller by 6 coordinates NC shape to improve higher accuracy.
‧Gears have special treatments, and manufactured according to JIS1 gears accuracy.
   It can increase the life and decrease the noise.
‧There are all lubricant on both end oil tanks, the seal design can not only protect lubricant from
   pollution and reduce obstacles, but also promise that the gas flow will not be contaminated.
‧It can add piston ring and get higher efficiency and longer life.

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