Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Rotary vane vacuum pump & compressor
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 ตัวแทนจำหน่าย SOLVAC Multi-Stage Air Ejector Vacuum Pump

SOLVAC Multi-Stage Air Ejector Vacuum Pump


Our vacuum pads are easily
applicable and low-priced.
Among other things, they are
suitable for conveying all types
of products and objects that are
fragile, hard-to-handle, punched,
globe-shaped, or uneven or
have small punched plates.
Our vacuum pads can easily lift objects with weights ranging from a few grams to hundreds of

We have no rival in the reliability
of monitoring for vacuum
systems and control unit
We focus on a comprehensive
solution for all specific items.
All monitoring and controlling
vacuum systems offer reliability,
efficiency and accurate
controlling and monitoring

This vacuum pump maintains
energy consumption at the
minimum level, while supplying
surplus vacuum flow to the
maximum degree of the vacuum.
In addition, the pump has no
vibrating or wearing mobile parts.
This is an important feature as it
makes the pump enormously
reliable and creates a pleasant
and quiet environment.

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